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Et Shaarei Ratzon: A remarkable piyyut about the Binding of Isaac, for Rosh HaShanah

This article is to introduce people to the remarkable piyyut Et Shaarei Ratzon, which I will be discussing with the Rabbinical Assembly in September 2022. See here for the text of the piyyut and two English translations. Of the thousands of piyyutim written over the centuries, only a very small fraction are still recited regularly in any contemporary synagogues.  Over the past 800 years, the piyyut " Et Sha'arei Ratzon Le-hipateach, " which retells the story of the Binding of Isaac, has become one of the best known and most beloved piyyutim in the Sephardic and Mizrahi traditions.  No one can explain definitively why some piyyutim attain great popularity in many different liturgical traditions, while others are neglected and fade into history.  However, some of " Et Sha'arei Ratzon "'s distinctive features may have been factors in its massive popularity, including its clear language, its unusually emotional content, and the poet's own unconventiona