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Rabbi Scheinberg's Seder Songs available for free download:

Track list and text of all songs in Hebrew / transliteration:

(Recorded by Rabbi Rob Scheinberg and Dov Kruger)

Download zip file with all the mp3 files:

Track 1:   Kadesh Urchatz (the order of the seder)
Track 2:  “Vayechulu HaShamayim” - prelude to Kiddush for Friday nights
Track 3:  Kiddush (prayer over wine)
Track 4:  Ha Lachma Anya (This is the Bread of Affliction)
Track 5:  Mah Nishtanah (4 Questions)
Track 6:  Avadim Hayyinu (We Were Slaves)
Track 7:  Baruch HaMakom (Blessed is God)
Track 8:  Ve-Hi She’amdah  (The Enduring Promise)
Track 9:  Dayyeinu (It Would Have Been Enough)
Track 10:  Bechol Dor vaDor (In Every Generation)
Track 11:  Betzeit Yisrael (When Israel Left Egypt)
Track 12:  Eliyahu HaNavi (Elijah the Prophet)
Track 13:  Chasal Siddur Pesach (The Passover Seder is Complete)
Track 14:  Ki Lo Na’eh (To God Praise is Fitting)
Track 15:  Adir Hu  (God is Mighty) - traditional melody
Track 16:  Adir Hu - Carlebach melody
Track 17:  Echad Mi Yodeia (Who Knows One, in Hebrew)
Track 18:  Quen Supiense (Who Knows One in Ladino - Judeo-Spanish)
Track 19:  Ma Asapre (Who Knows One in Yiddish)
Track 20:  Had Gadya (One Little Goat - Aramaic - traditional)
Track 21:  Un Cavritico (Had Gadya in Ladino - Judeo-Spanish)


Ve-Hi She-amdah (Yonatan Razel, presented by Rabbi Rob Scheinberg, April 2020

Passover playlist: 

 (see more videos from Rabbi Scheinberg's "Pandemic Prayer Project":   


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