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Hoboken shelter Civic Champion award to Erica Seitzman: presentation by Phil Cohen

This week, USH member Erica Seitzman was honored by the Hoboken Shelter. The following is the text of the speech delivered by USH member Phil Cohen to present the award (also presented on behalf of USH member and Shelter board member Rebecca Kramnick who was unable to attend) Erica Seitzman Introduction Presented by Phil Cohen at the Hoboken Shelter’s 35 Anniversary Gala June 13, 2017 It’s my privilege to introduce you to Erica Seitzman. This weekend, our family watched the movie Wonder Woman .  In Wonder Woman , the heroine has amazing powers given by the God Zeus, which she uses to save civilization and bring peace to the world. Erica is the Hoboken Shelter’s Wonder Woman.   Erica’s parents, who must have given Erica her amazing powers, are here with us tonight.  Can we please recognize Erica’s parents?