Music links: Wedding prayers, Sheva Brachot

At many Jewish weddings, the recitation of the Sheva Brachot (Seven Wedding Blessings) is done not by the wedding officiant but by family and friends.

Here is a copy of the Hebrew / English / transliteration of the Sheva Brachot, together with sound files (which can be downloaded one by one, or all together in one zip file).

If you find these resources useful and are not from the United Synagogue of Hoboken community, please go to and send me a quick note -- and mazal tov!

Text of Sheva Brachot (Hebrew, translit, translation) here -- all the mp3s below in one zip file
 (please note:  this order of the sheva brachot is for the wedding ceremony itself.  When recited as part of the birkat ha-mazon after the wedding feast and during the first seven days of marriage, the order is different (blessing #1, 'borei pri ha-gafen,' is moved to the end), and this alternate order is what is found in many benchers and siddurim. )

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