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Thoughts on Hoboken public school holiday celebration issue

From time to time, I offer some comments about issues in Hoboken’s civic life that are somehow connected to the Jewish community or Jewish issues.   Hoboken has attracted some press coverage because of a decision regarding a Hoboken public school's holiday celebration (you can read about it here).  My comments are printed below.  Permission is granted to reprint or forward what I have written, but please include my blog web address,, so the comments can be read in their entirety. First, the Hoboken Jewish community is very diverse.  There is no unanimity in Hoboken’s Jewish community on this (or almost any other) issue.  For this reason, I emphasize that the opinion I express below is my own, and it is not necessarily the opinion of the United Synagogue of Hoboken or its members. Jews are a minority in the United States.  Choosing to raise children as Jews in the United States entails an acknowledgment that there will be some special challenges - a