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Thoughts on violence in Israel, May 2021

  I’ve been spending some time this week sending notes of concern and support to some of the many many people I know who live in Israel -- relatives, colleagues, and friends, including many who used to live in Hoboken and Jersey City. Though because of the time zone difference, many of these notes were sent between 2am and 4am Israel time, in many cases I got a response on Facebook or email immediately - because these friends and relatives were spending sleepless nights. A friend in Tel Aviv described the challenges of comforting her terrified young children after waking them up to bring them into the safe room, while also being terrified herself. A colleague in Ashkelon was awakened by a barrage of rocket fire and then learned that a woman was killed by that rocket fire in her home just a block away from his home -- and another fatality was in the southern Tel Aviv suburb of Rishon Letziyon not far from the home of my cousins. A friend in Herzliyya sent me videos of the Iron Dome miss