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Seder Trivia Game, 2021-22 edition

  At our synagogue's congregational seders for the last few years, we have played the following game:  I have collected unusual Pesach stories, and shared three such stories with the community:  two true stories, and one fictional story.  Participants then have to guess which two stories are true and which one is false.   (If you listen to Wait, wait, don't tell me , you get the idea, except that only one story is false.) You can see previous editions of this game here . This is what was presented at our congregational seder in 2021.  2 are true; one is fictional. Answers at the bottom! ============================== ========================= The Passovers of 2020 and 2021 have truly remarkable in Jewish history.  Our trivia game this year includes three stories about pandemic-era Passover observances; 2 of these stories are true and one is false.  #1: Seder 2020 required a lot of changes in the seder procedure - coming a