Music links: Shabbat morning service

Music links: Shabbat morning service



NEW:  PDF of the Torah service and Musaf as done at USH -- with the leader's solo lines in bold -and with scannable QR codes next to each part of the service:
(This is useful to print out and then for a student, or an adult, to scan the QR code next to that part of the service to get a refresher about the pronunciation and melody.) 

Use the following links, keyed to the pages in the pdf above:

(or use this link to Soundcloud:

Page 1:
Ein Kamocha אין כמוך
Vayehi Binsoa ויהי בנסוע
Bei Ana Rachetz ביה אנא רחץ
Shma / Echad / Gadlu / Lecha Adonai 'שמע / אחד / גדלו / לך ה

Page 2:
Ashrei אשרי

Page 3:
Yehalelu יהללו
Mizmor Ledavid מזמור לדוד

Page 4:
Uvnucho Yomar / Etz Hayyim Hi ובנוחה יאמר / עץ חיים היא
Hatzi Kaddish חצי קדיש

Page 5:
Avot אבות
Gevurot גבורות

Page 6:
Kedushah קדושה

Page 7:
Kaddish Shalem קדיש שלם
Titkabal / Oseh Shalom תתקבל / עושה שלום

Page 8:
Shabbat morning kiddush  

Or download the following zip file that includes all of the mp3 files above: (sound files for torah service and musaf)

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