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A prayer after the school shooting in Connecticut

(From my email message to my synagogue community on Friday, December 14:) Dear friends, Shabbat is approaching, but I wanted to share some personal reactions to today's terrible news out of Connecticut . The tragedy is so horrifying -- and the Hoboken connection brings the potential for tragedy so close to home.  While the news is constantly changing, at this point it is not unreasonable to imagine an alternate scenario in which this massacre would  have unfolded in Hoboken rather than in Connecticut .  We cannot pretend that we are not connected to this tragedy. At the bottom of this email I have tried to express some of my most heartfelt prayers at this painful moment.  Those of us with children may appreciate some suggestions for discussing such horrifying events with children; for example, go/information/get-info/ coping-with-disaster/helping- children-handle-disaster- related-anxiety .  This tragedy reminds us all -- in our famil