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A Slice of the Life of Ruth

To my knowledge, no one has ever made a feature film about the Book of Ruth.  There just aren’t enough exciting moments.   [ Though since writing this, I have learned about this 1960 cinematic treatment of the story: / ] There are some passages in the Bible that describe dramatic events, miracles, and moments of great historical significance.  Think of Joseph being sold into slavery and then becoming the second-in-command of Egypt, and revealing his true identity to his brothers.  Or think of the Exodus from Egypt, and the splitting of the Red Sea.  Or think of the ill-fated romance between Samson and Delilah.  It is no surprise that all of these great stories have been made into major films or long-running Broadway shows. Then there are the passages in the Bible which do not describe extraordinary events.  Rather, they are ‘slice-of-life’ passages, describing what happens in everyday life - and everyday life, for the people in the Bible as for most