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Looking up, or looking down? (Parashat Beshalach)

  Looking up, or looking down?  Let me share a memory from January 2021, otherwise known as the “middle pandemic period.”   My daughter is a student at a high school in New York City.  Last winter, she was attending two days a week in person, and three days remotely.  In a normal world she would be commuting by bus or subway, but in the winter of 2021 we were not comfortable with this -- so when she would be going to school, I would drive her in and pick her up.   Whereas Fridays were normally designated for her as remote days, there were some occasional Fridays that were in-person days for her, but only for half the day.  One such day took place in January 2021.  On that day, it was clear that it would just not be worth it for me to drive into the city, drop her off, return to Hoboken, and then less than an hour later, drive back into the city to pick her up. It would be much better for me to stay in the city and work from remote.  In a normal world, I would have parked the car, found