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My Sukkot Pilgrimage to the Lower East Side

I just bought my Lulav and Etrog on the Lower East Side this morning -- and was thinking of these words that I wrote a few years ago.  Chag Sameach! NOTE FROM SUKKOT 2014:   This piece is still accurate except that the lulav and etrog scene on the Lower East Side gets smaller with each passing year - maybe 3 vendors rather than dozens. If you want to see dozens, go to Williamsburg or Boro Park. NOTE FROM SUKKOT 2022:  As far as I can tell, we are down to just one Lulav and Etrog vendor on the Lower East Side.  This scene may fade from history in the next few years. ============================================================== There are many ways to buy a lulav and etrog (the palm branches and citron traditionally carried in the synagogue on the holiday of Sukkot).  There are some people who buy a lulav and etrog, in anticipation of Sukkot, from a Judaica store, or from their synagogue, or from a lulav and etrog wholesaler.  For me, however, there’s really only one way to bu