Musical prayer project

Like most people on earth, my life has been upended by the coronavirus since early-to-mid March 2020.  After my first couple of weeks of quarantine, I adopted a project for myself:  I decided to record and post a video of a Jewish prayer each weekday morning, usually accompanied by some comments about it and why it is important to me.

I have now been doing this project from the end of March through all of April and May into early June and am coming up on 50 videos.  I plan to continue to record videos each weekday for as long as this health crisis lasts.  The Jewish musical world is so vast that I am in no particular danger of running out of material.

I adopted some general rules for myself.  I generally record in one take, and I post it whether or not I am happy with it.  I tell myself:  these are prayers, not performances; the Audience (with a capital A) is graciously forgiving of my errors.  I also have (with a few rare exceptions) not uploaded songs composed by people I know personally, or songs that I know are currently being actively performed by the composer.   

The best way to access these videos is to go to where I post them daily.   From time to time I also update the Youtube playlist here   I am pasting a few links to a few videos here and invite you to follow or subscribe or suggest additional songs I could play.  

This activity has been quite healing for me and I hope it brings healing to others as well. 

Acheinu - Abie Rotenberg

Ve-hi She-amdah (Yonatan Razel)

Asher Yatzar / Elohai (Debbie Friedman)

Ki Elecha (Shirona)


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