Rabbi Scheinberg in an Egyptian magazine

Last Shabbat I mentioned the article about me in Arabic in an Egyptian magazine. This happened a few years ago and I have never gotten the article translated. It occurred to me that I should post it here so that anyone who wants to translate it can do so. The magazine is called "The Voice of Arabism," or "Sot Al-Oroba," and the author is Yehia Gad-alla El-Tawil. I believe the article focuses on interreligious activities in Hudson County NJ.


  1. Someone graciously translated this for me from the Arabic. While not 100% accurate, it is a fine representation of our conversation.

    "Rabbi Robert Scheinberg, The Rabbi of a Jewish Synagogue in New Jersey.
    Jews are united although they are from different places and have different traditions and different interests.
    In an interview with Rabbi Robert Scheinberg, the Rabbi of a Jewish Synagogue in New Jersey said that he studied Judaism for many years, and after graduating from college, he studied four more years of Judaism. He studied Judaism almost all of his life.
    Rabbi Robert Scheinberg explained that the Jews from different places have different traditions, and different interests. Although the Jews from Egypt and the Jews from Poland have different traditions, they are united. In America, there are 3 types of Jews: The traditional Jews "Orthodox", who don't get involved in dialogues, and the moderate Jews "Conservative", and he is one of them, and the progressive Jews ""Reformers". The last two types have attempts in the dialogue run among religions.
    Rabbi Robert Scheinberg explained that there are Jewish Laws called "Halakhah", and it guides Jews exactly like the Islamic Law ""Sharia" for Muslims.
    Rabbi Robert Scheinberg added that many people participated in the dialogue, and joined items have been discussed. Also, there is a current cooperation to solve the society's problems and to help the poor.
    Rabbi Robert Scheinberg declared that he has been cooperating with Father Eugene Squeo; in Hudson County Institute, as well as in Hoboken Clergy Coalition, Where the meeting is held every month, and it comprises Jews, Christians, and Hindu only, because there is no mosque in Hoboken. The meetings handle the topics that are of interest to the society, with few discussions on religious topics. For many years, meetings used to be held at "Stevens Institute of Technology", which is an Engineering University in Hoboken. to discuss the religions situations toward technology."


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