Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pesach resources

Here are some Pesach resources for people participating in the "Spicing Up your Seder" conference call on Tues March 23.

Ron Wolfson's article "Ten Tips for a Great Seder" is a classic and a succinct way to present great seder suggestions.

Jewishfreeware.org has downloadable haggadot - all for free - making it easy to customize your own haggadah. The site also has a tremendous number of stories, songs, readings, etc.

Some more great free downloadable haggadot are:
Alex Weinberg's child-friendly Haggadah
The Haggadah of Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue in California, edited by Rabbis Ed Feinstein and Harold Schulweis

If you want to do the game of putting the steps of the seder in order, you can download a large-size version here

Rabbi Scheinberg's Seder songs CD
and the words (including songs at the end of the seder in Yiddish and Ladino)

Lots of sound clips of Echad Mi Yodea from around the Jewish world, in Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish, Ladino, Judeo-Italian, etc.

The discussion sheets I have used for the "My Father was a Wandering Aramean" section of the Haggadah (intended for adults) can be accessed here

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Music of the Passover Seder

http://web.mac.com/mfishbein/Seder_Songs/Seder_Songs.html is my recording of the music of the Passover Seder, together with the words to the songs and prayers, in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and English transliteration. (Words available here.)

Friday Night Service recording

http://www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/Friday_night_service_recording_scheinberg.zip includes sound files of the entire Friday night service as sung at the United Synagogue of Hoboken. There's a track list in the .zip file. This is useful for people who want to learn to follow along with the Friday night service or who would like to learn to lead the service. Many thanks to Leo Hmelnitsky who originally helped me to record this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sound file resources for Zayin (7th grade) class at USH


Torah blessings:

www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/torah_haftarah_blessings_with_trope.pdf - text of Torah blessings and blessing before the Haftarah
www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/torah_blessings.mp3 - sound file of Torah blessings

Haftarah blessings and Haftarah materials:

www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/torah_haftarah_blessings_with_trope.pdf - text of Torah blessings and blessing before the Haftarah
www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/blessing_after_haftarah_with_notation.pdf - text of blessing after haftarah
www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/blessing_before_haftarah.mp3 - sound file of blessing before haftarah
www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/blessing_after_haftarah.mp3 - sound file of blessing after haftarah
www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/haftarah_trope_musical_notation.pdf - musical notation for Haftarah trope

Shabbat morning service:
www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/torah_service_and_musaf.zip (sound files for torah service and musaf)
www.scheinberg.net/rabbi/torah_service_and_musaf_sheets.pdf (text of torah service and musaf)